TURFBREED announcement deliver’s positive change to turf industry

TURFBREED Pty Ltd is excited to announce the acquisition of the renowned turf division of Ozbreed Pty Ltd.

TURFBREED’s managing director Steve Burt (pictured below) said: “Ozbreed had created a solid platform from which to build on; our business has developed and acquired an impressive portfolio of turf brands that are well known throughout Australia.”

Mr Burt added that “…TURFBREED was pleased to be entering an industry which was enjoying solid growth”.

TURFBREED will initially be meeting all turf growers and industry personnel to identify ideas and opportunities.

“Our aim is to promote your (the grower’s) growth,” Mr Burt stressed.

Ozbreed owner, Todd Layt welcomed TURFBREED to the turf industry adding that: “They are a professional group of agribusiness people who are keen to take the company to the next level. TURFBREED’s passionate growers will have access to new turf genetics as well as our existing impressive portfolio of brands.”

Ozbreed, which is based in Sydney, New South Wales, while exiting the turf business will continue to manage its existing range of native plants, and carry-on investing in research and development.

TURFBREED’s aim is to focus on building demand for the varieties it owns and, ensuring it can increase the number of customers to its growers’ businesses.

“This demand and growth will stem from TURFBREED’s marketing programs for the existing lawn varieties and by continuing to research new genetics that we believe can build a sustainable, profitable business for our growers,” Mr Burt said.

As well as providing grower support and branding in the marketplace, Mr Burt explained how “… our growers’ success was our success”.

TURFBREED will consult with all growers and together identify opportunities to enhance their businesses. “We want to learn from what works, and what more we can do for them,” he said.

TURFBREED business development officers Ann McKeon, a horticulturalist, and Andrew Gill, an agronomist, both have 30 years each experience and will liaise with growers, retailers, specifiers and industry bodies to continue to promote and grow the established brands.

In closing, Mr Burt said: “He wanted to thank the Layt family, not only for their professionalism during the sale process, but equally for the foundations laid that TURFBREED will now continue to grow.”

Mr Burt advised that as of Monday 13th November, 2017, the Ozbreed Turf Division becomes TURFBREED and all past and future rights and obligations held under existing agreements with Ozbreed are transferred to TURFBREED.

“Our business is turf. Our mission is positive outcomes. Our advantage is our people,” Mr Burt concluded.

For more information on TURFBREED contact Managing Director, Steve Burt: M: 0419 007398 E: Sburt@turfbreed.com.au W: www.turfbreed.com.au

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