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Australia’s $3 billion turf industry has developed rapidly over recent years with growers seeking and embracing new technologies to make their businesses more efficient and viable. With 6700 hectares of turf under production at any time, the industry has approximately 400 turf production businesses that employ some 80,000 people. A unique aspect about Australia’s turf industry is its whole-of-supply-chain view which works for the advancement of turf producers and those maintaining small or large tracts of turf. The industry’s ‘new-look’ magazine provides focused, up-to-date information on trends, developments and issues affecting Australia’s turf industry and its markets. Editorial is delivered in an easy-to-read style and includes technical information, research and development, market trends, innovation, production developments, profiles and on-farm reports.


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AgriHort Communications has produced a range of publications for Turf Australia. Our recent publications include:


Turf Winter 2015

Winter 2015
Turf Australia’s family friendly 2015 Conference and Field Day
202020 Vision – successfully linking Australia’s diverse growing knowledge.
Lawnspiration: driving the 2015/16 Turf Australia marketing program.
Staying connected: Innovation, networking and adopting change – all big ticket items at 2015 NxGen Forum.
Levy compliance and reducing the cost of collecting the levy.



Turf NX Gen 15Autumn 2015
New Hort group has a VOICE.
Selling turf for erosion control.
Effective weed management – essential for high quality turf.
Identifying effective water allocations that maintain turf quality.



Turf Summer 15Summer 2014/2015
Measuring turf with Google Earth.
Introducing Horticulture Innovation Australia.
Artificial claims of synthetics exposed.
Social value of green space in a drying climate 



turf spring 2014

Spring 2014
2014 Conference & Field Day highlights.
Online resources easily shows why you should use Turf Calculator.
Dream comes true for NRL fan thanks to Turf Australia.
New Facebook site increases consumer interest for turf.
Inside a ‘balanced turf life’.


Turf_Winter_2014_Final_lowres_0001Winter 2014
In The Green 2014 Conference & Field Day.
A NEW tool makes calculating your business costs of production easy.
Growers vote to see major changes to Horticulture Australia.
From backyard operation to multi $million enterprise – lessons for growing a turf business.



Turf_Autumn_2014_24pp_lowres_0001aAutumn 2014
‘Staying in the Green’ opens growers eyes to their true cost of production.
Synthetic grass gets the boot from QLD racing sector.
Seeking on-farm solutions to reduce water wastage.
New resource helps turf farm planning.
Introducing Turf Talk.



Summer 2013/2014
Increasing Australia’s ‘green space’
New resources to assist turf developments.
Turf R&D guaranteed a place in Australia.
Sports fields require specialist turf replacement.
NSW growers offered advanced chemical use in training.


TurfAust_Summer2013_Page_01Summer 2013
Maintaining the profitability of Australia’s turf industry in 2014.
Planning the key goals and direction for 2014.
Sports fields require specialist turf replacement.




Turf_Spring_2013_28pp_press FINAL COPY_0001Spring 2013
Growers see the light at ANZ Stadium. A turn out of more than 30 growers from across the country set the scene for an informative and conversational Turf Australia Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Levy Payers Meeting.
Do you understand how your levy is invested?
Aussie turfgrass research achieves international recognition.



Turf_Winter2013_6_7  V3_0001Winter 2013
Highlights and reports from the 2013 conference held at QLD.
The Perfect Patch of Green program wrap-up.
Social Media: starting a relationship with your customer.
Meet our 2013 Future Leaders.
Positive workplace cultural systems = happy performing employees.



Turf_Autumn2013Autumn 2013
Turf Growers often ask what Turf Australia is doing for our industry?
The answer is many different things most of which are behind the scenes and not easily visible.
Turf Australia has just launched it’s new-look magazine that gives you up to date information on the Turf industry and how to understand your business to avoid undercutting your profits.