The cycle of personal resilience

The importance of mental health or, personal resilience, will be a key agenda item at Turf Australia’s national conference this June.

The two-day event from June 5 to 7 will be held in the New South Wales (NSW) Hunter Valley and includes James Greenshields from the Centre for Resilient Leadership presenting his program ‘Put Your Hand Up’. James will specifically addresses the importance of knowing about, understanding, identifying and assisting good mental health in yourself, colleagues and employees.

James has had 17 years of experience as a military officer, including commanding front line soldiers in combat in Afghanistan, before he became the Co-Founder and Director of the Resilient Leaders Foundation eight years ago.

He will address the fact that: “Managing staff on a turf farm and soldiers in a combat zone might seem worlds apart but there are some distinct similarities in ensuring everyone does their job to the best of their ability.”

James stressed that he wanted to help growers identify and then understand issues which cause turbulence in their life (stress) both personally and professionally.

“I want them to be able to take home strategies to make them more efficient and effective in both areas,” he said.

“This is important, because how we approach any situation determines the outcomes. When we are clouded or confused, often that outcome will reflect that. The turf industry consists of many family-based organisation, so there is no divide between the personal and the professional section.

“Therefore without strategies to deal with stresses in these areas more difficulties will subsequently follow – and both the personal and professional life will be impacted.”

James stressed it was not easy to ask for help or know that you needed guidance in certain areas.

“Not only that, partners of husband or wives, are constantly frustrated,” he said.

“There needs to be a happy medium – so my aim is to show delegates the personal and professional way forward.”

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