Laying the groundwork for the next generation of turf leaders


  • Australian turf industry to benefit from the $5 million Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund.
  • Turf Producers Australia Ltd will receive $50,000 to develop leaders.
  • Part of the Coalition Government’s 2016 election commitment for a stronger agricultural sector.


The Australian turf industry is set to benefit from the Coalition Government’s $5 million Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Luke Hartsuyker, said the funding would support the future development of industry leaders for this important industry.

“The Coalition Government is investing in the next generation of leaders in the turf industry to help drive future growth,” Minister Hartsuyker said.

“Developing and expanding the turf industry leadership capacity and expertise will be key to taking this industry forward.

“We are supporting the turf industry’s goals through the Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund, with $50,000 to send potential leaders on leadership courses run by the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

“Undertaking targeted training through these highly-regarded providers will assist these organisations in the development of their leadership capability and capacity.

“This leadership development will assist the turf industry to advocate for its 250 turf growers who produce $300 million worth of turf.

“We want to ensure Turf Producers Australia is able to advocate agricultural and rural issues, and champion their industries’ priorities to the wider community and across government.

“This is an important project that will have a lasting impact on the turf industry. It will help leadership development upskill the current turf industry leaders.

“As well as developing leaders within the industry, this funding will help grow links within the industry.”


Fast Facts

  • The Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund was announced as part of the Australian Government’s policy for a Stronger Agricultural Sector.
  • It aims to support efforts to develop leadership capacity within the agricultural industries to enhance the ability of emerging agricultural leaders to advocate agricultural commodity priorities and drive trade opportunities.
  • Funding supports projects with a wide representation across the sector, from large and well-established industries to smaller and emerging industries.
  • Australia’s turf production industry is substantial and growing, with around 4400 hectares of turf under production at any time.*
  • There are approximately 250 turf production businesses throughout the country, producing an estimated $300 million worth of turf (farmgate value) annually.*
  • The turf maintenance sector is valued at over $500 million per annum and services more than 10,000 prepared turf surfaces throughout the country.*
  • Turf production in Queensland represents 38 per cent of the national total, while New South Wales represents 33 per cent, Victoria 15 per cent, Western Australia 11 per cent and together South Australia, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory produce an estimated 3 per cent.*


* Data sourced from Turf Producers Australia.


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