James Greenshields, one of the key speakers at last week’s NxGen Forum held at Canberra.

Up to 50 participants were privy to a terrific line-up of speakers who addressed farm safety, managing fertiliser requirements, turf diseases, the importance of good leadership, obtaining optimal performance from your staff and a new turf solutions management system. Read more

The first speaker Simon Adermann, from Lawn Solutions Australia, addressed health and safety, a topic all delegates agreed was a very important issue. While the presentation may have appeared a bit sombre in places, because of the topic, it reinforced the importance of taking care and ensuring a culture of work place safety.

Grant Thomas, from Nuturf, stressed to delegates about the importance of agronomic practices and managing fertiliser requirements.

An uplifting presentation by Jill Rigney from The Right Mind International, discussed the under pinning components of leadership and about the National Turf Levy funded Growing Green Leaders Program where registration closes this Friday.

James Greenshields, from the Resilient Leaders Foundation, had all delegates captivated from his first word. He spoke about the importance of fostering optimal performance and provided real life examples such as him been in charge of 160 soldiers in Afghanistan. He also will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Turf Australia conference and talk about “Putting Your Hand Up” when you need help of any kind!

Sports Turf Research Institute’s Michelle Dickinson’s main point was that to manage diseases in your turf you need to have healthy soil, and in order to have healthy turf you need a complete soil analysis done at a microbiology level. She stressed that if you can balance your soil’s microbiology levels it would remove disease pressure.

Paul Spencer, from Greenway Turf Solutions, spoke about a new turf solutions management system. It is an all-encompassing turf farm management system that includes cost of variety per paddock, infantry of staff and management tasks – in short, a complete financial and physical management tool.

The tour of Parliament House was insightful as there was a lot of cool and warm season grass throughout the area, the trip to the Royal Canberra Golf Club showed how a major revamp had made the site a first-rate course and a visit to the turf farm, CanTurf stressed the importance of good branding and marketing.

This Wednesday, Turf Australia will release a special Enews that solely features all the outcomes from the 2017 NxGen Forum and Farm Tours.